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The Invalid Foundation

The Invalid Foundation, was founded in 1940 for the treatment, rehabilitation and vocational training of veterans injured in the Winter War. Finnish society has gone through great changes since those days. The Invalid Foundation has been keeping up with this development, changing its own activities to meet the demands of the changing society. The activities of the Invalid Foundation are highly versatile and varied. Since the Foundation’s historical starting point, the focus of its activities has shifted onto the research, treatment and rehabilitation of musculoskeletal disorders, as well as education for students in need of special support. The Invalid Foundation maintains the activities of Orton Pro and Keskuspuisto Vocational College. The foundation form facilitates long-term activities in order to carry out the Foundation’s social function, and this function will be carried out in the future as well.

Social function

The social function of the Invalid Foundation is to work to enable as many people as possible to function as full-fledged members of Finnish society. The Invalid Foundation’s largest site of activities is Keskuspuisto Vocational College, which is the second largest special vocational school in Finland. Keskuspuisto Vocational College operates as a non-profit organisation and is funded primarily by the Ministry of Education and Culture. Keskuspuisto Vocational College provides education for young people and adults in need of special support and serves as a concentration of special education know-how.

Another non-profit organisation maintained by the Invalid Foundation is Orton Pro, an expert unit that fosters employment, job retention and well-being at work. Orton Pro provides an extensive variety of work fitness, career and employment services. The goal of Orton Pro is to have people employed in their current profession or educated in an entirely new field of profession.

What unifies all of our activities is our desire to understand our customers’ needs and provide the best possible solution for them.


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